Cigar humidification systems for walk in humidors. Cigar Humidification System

Cigar humidification systems for walk in humidors. Cigar Humidor Humidification Systems

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Cigar Humidifiers & Humidification Systems

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This boils down to two factors — is the shop maintaining a perfect humidity level for the environment, and which type of water are they using for it? Purified water is the solution for preserving any cigars in a walk-in humidor. Distilled water may still contain some minerals and other components, and is still slightly acidic pH of 6. With a water so pure and free of any minerals and other particles, the risk of bacteria growth and white dust formation is significantly decreased to minimal appearance, if any. This prevents the risk of mold growing on the cigars, and helps keeps the humidification system in the walk-in humidor clean. Keeping humidity level at optimal levels is challenging. Factors such as room size play such a large role.