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12 Best Exercise Bikes to Spin In Your Home Gym

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Indoor bikes have been around for nearly years. The top 8 best spin bikes? Today, indoor bikes and spinning classes dominate gyms and fitness centers. The allure of a quick workout in the comfort of your home on a stationary bike, though, is just as great now as it was back then. Without getting into boring detail, the design gives you 24 full gears of eerily-quiet , realistic biking ranging from easygoing to grueling, in the comfort of your bedroom or basement. The flywheel is also positioned at the back of the bike which ensures that sweat does not fall in causing damage. The Keiser M3i Plus is exceptional for any type of indoor work but is at its best during a full-blown workout, as the ability to cycle with maximum resistance is great for cardio health and optimal for fat burning and muscle strength.